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Summer Snow Gardenia

Bloom after bloom, year after year…
Scientific Name: Gardenia jasminoides
Common Name: Gardenia
Hardiness Degree: Zones 6 - 10
Blooming Season: Depends on zone but generally Late May through June.
Water: Keep moist until established. Then water deeply and less frequently as needed during growing season.
Fertilize: Fertilize in spring after blooming with a food for acid-loving plants.
Height: 4’ to 5’ Tall
Width: 4’ to 5’ Wide
Exposure: Part sun to full shade.
General Information: Summer Snow®pp22797 bears beautiful, pure white, waxy, double flowers. The flower has a heady, sweet fragrance, which permeates the surrounding air.
Ideas & Tips: Cut flowers are recommended indoors for both their beauty and fragrance. Flowers should be placed in a cool spot, and frequently misted with water. Flowers on very short stems are often used floating in shallow bowls indoors and outdoors and are also suited well for a corsage.

Key growing characteristics that set the Summer Snow® Gardeniapp22797 apart are:

• Extremely Hardy to 0 Degrees or Colder
• Big, Double Flowers – Pure White
• Extremely Drought Tolerant & Pest Resistant
• Large, Lustrous Dark & Dense Green Foliage
• Strong & Fast Growing – Mature Height of 4 to 5 Feet in 15 Years
• Highly Fragrant

Licensing will ensure that gardeners receive a consistent, premium quality gardenia that can only be provided by the Summer Snow® brand. Consumers will be able to purchase Summer Snow® from their local nursery and garden center. Summer Snow® is trademarked and growers will be supplied with a strong branding program including designed pot wrappers, hang tags and advertising support. Growing and distribution areas for Summer Snow® are Zones 6 though 10.

Buds & Blooms Nursery is located in Brown Summit (Greensboro) North Carolina and has been in business serving hi-end garden centers since 1983. They are wholesale growers who specialize in growing plants in the Ericaceae family including Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Mountain Laurel, Leucothoe, and Pieris plus Roses and Crape Myrtles. All of their plants are grown in a rich, custom blended mixture of pine bark, peat moss, then fortified with a granular slow release NPK fertilizer and micro nutrients, and shipped in their own custom shelved trucks. All plants come with an exclusive, large picture tag and are available in 1, 2, 3 and 5-gallon pots.